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Rolin Manufacturing is centrally located in New Salem, North Dakota. New Salem is along the division between the fertile farmlands of the Red River Valley and the rolling hills of the cattle country in western North Dakota. New Salem is also home of the World's Largest Holstein Cow, showing the communities devotion to dairy farmers in the area.

Our contact information is listed below. If you have any questions or farming and ranching needs we'd love to hear from you.

Rolin Manufacturing
PO Box 35
New Salem, ND 58563
Phone: (701)843-7581
Fax: (701)843-7582
Operated by: Ray & Carole Olin

History of Rolin Manufacturing

Rolin Manufacturing was created in 1965 by Ray Olin. As a farmer and rancher, he realized his equipment was not meeting his needs. Instead of searching for other equipment, he decided to build his own. He started out by building a hay barge and soon neighbors were calling to have him build one for them. Rolin Manufacturing was born! His products proved to save time and money so he began building and selling them to help other farmers and ranchers. Rolin Manufacturing boomed with the development of the seeder weeder in the 1970s. Since then he has continued to add equipment as the need arose. His wife joined him in the early 1990s as business manager.

Together Ray and Carole Olin continue to farm and ranch while designing equipment to help other farmers and ranchers do their work efficiently. Currently one of Rolin Manufacturing's best selling products is the post hole digger with features that prove it to be safe, durable and easy to use. Their product line also consists of the stack mover, bale accumulator, several types of trailers and their most recent additions: the swather transport, calf corral and wire winder.

As Ray continues to farm and ranch, he is always developing easier, faster ways to accomplish his tasks. Continue to watch for more new products to help with your farming and ranching needs.


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