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Utility, Gravity Box or Bunk Feed trailers built to last!

The gravity box trailer pictured at the left includes a lid and grain door for easy loading, unloading and storage. It holds 180 - 425 bushels of grain and can be equipment with a divider to haul seed and fertilizer at once. The gravity box trailer also includes a gooseneck (5th wheel) hitch.


This is the bunk feed trailer pictured at left.


Utility trailers include many great features. The heavy duty bed is contructed of 2 inch planks fastened with self-tapping screws. The frame is built with tubular steel for greater overal strength. Tandem axles are standard and double tandem axles are available on larger units. Tubular trussing is added to give added strength and longer life. The utility trailer also includes a fold out extension to add two feet to the width of the flatbed.


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